Stronger relationships by optimizing emotions in your writing.

Resonate AI predicts the emotional impact of your writing and provides suggestions to strengthen rapport through your words.

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Boost Engagement

Emotions drive action. Get paragraph-by-paragraph instructions on how to improve the emotional impact of your message.

Your brand is based upon invoking specific emotions. Ensure that your content team’s writing is consistent with your brand’s emotional target.

Strengthen Your Brand

Save time by giving tools to content editors and by training content writers with every content piece written.

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Six Resonate AI Features that Enhance Your Writing

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6 Emotional Intelligence Scores.

Get emotional-intelligence scores for the 6 key emotions in your content.

Comparisons to the Best.

Compare the content scores for each paragraph against the best copy written in your category.

Flow Visualization.

See the emotional highs and lows of your story in graphical format.

Dissect and score at a document level and a paragraph level.

Paragraph Level Breakdown.

Click to Improve.

Get improvement suggestions for each critical emotion & simply click to improve them.

Immediate Feedback.

Observe how each change you make to your copy affects the emotional impact of your copywriting.

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Resonate AI is the only Emotional Intelligence as a Service tool that ensures your writing evokes the right feelings in your audience every time. acquired - please visit

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